Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How wet is too wet?

Today we went for a walk because of the rain. We are making artwork on it. We have to make a person holding an umbrella.  We are doing it on blue and green dye and putting our people on black paper. We are also putting rain on it. When we went for our walk every shop was pretty much flooded. We went to a magazine store and someone said yes it was flooded and the gutters and spoutings were full. She also said that the water wouldn't go into the pipes because they were old and too small. We also went to Living Corporation. I walked in and man it stinks.  They had heaters to suck in the moisture.  We also went to blend cafe.  They got flooded at the back of the cafe. The cafe was owned by Zack's Mum and Brya's Mum. That was all we went to. I think it was amazing how it really affected some of the shops.

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