Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zara 100WC updated

100Wc added. More parts updated.

Part 1

An announcement flashes up on the T.V. "Chocolate is banned!" As he says this our chocolate supply suddenly disappears. "There is one last piece of chocolate in the world. Would you like to be this lucky person? If so come battle for it in our amazingly tricky bone braking challenges. You can put your name into a container ONCE and then if you get drawn out go and compete. Now for the weather. Goodnight."
"Olivia Green" I look around in surprise. "Me?" I walk up to the person who is drawing the names. "Congratulations he says with his big cheesy grin. If you could just walk over there and wait for the rest."
I'm on a train with my  family and the rest of the people whose name got drawn. Mum will be watching me. I want to make her proud.

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