Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mason in Christchurch

I have bee

n having a lot of fun in Christchurch. We traveled up on Tuesday after we found out that athletics was postponed which was a shame because I wanted to win all of the sprint races! Mum had an exam on Wednesday afternoon and we played cricket outside at Grandma's. Grandma and Granddad's house is going to be fixed after the earthquakes so I have added some photos. We went for a drive through central Christchurch today and it looks really bad. It is warm here today so we are going for a swim in Grandma's pool!

various 072.JPG

Mum & Grandma used to work here!
various 055.JPG
Grandma & Grandad's
various 068.JPG
Catholic Cathedral
various 054.JPG
Work Required


  1. Mason,
    I think it is fantastic that you have shared your Christchurch holiday with us all. It is great to see you have been visiting and commenting on the blog too. It is very sad to see some of the precious Christchurch buildings in ruins. I sure hope your Grandma and Grandad's house gets repaired soon. See you on Monday.

  2. Looks like you've had a fun week.
    Hope to see Christchurch repaired soon.
    Have there been any little earthquakes while you've been in Christchurch?

    1. no there wasnt any aftershocks


  3. Hi Mason
    Great story,
    What was your favorite part of being in Christchurch?
    It is hard to believe that all of the beautiful buildings are gone like the cathedral.
    I hope you share with us what else you did on Monday.
    Did you feel any big earth quakes when you were up there? or just after shocks?

  4. Wow! That is incredible! I think your Grandparents are extremly lucky that their house was no to suivrely damedged. I think its so sad that the earth-quake had to hit Cristchurch and be such big and bad earth-quakes.


  5. Hi Mason
    Hope you had a nice time in Christchurch.
    How badly affected was the area you were in?

    1. it was alright but there was no footpaths