Saturday, November 10, 2012


On the 8th of November we had athletics. It was an early breezy morning in the cold and cloudy sky. The wind rushed against our faces. The athletics was fantastic at the start. First, every one watched the 800meters for the years five and six, three and four, and seven and eight. After that every teacher gave us a number card for us to pin onto our sport shirts. The cards told us what we would be doing in order until the afternoon. After some of the activities were done we headed over to the big stadium to have a break and eat lunch. The activities were terrific and awesome! I won the high jump and got into the Otago athletics team. The highest I eventually jumped was a meter 10cm. But my highest at school is a meter 12cm. We suddenly all sprinted in our age groups to get back to the three last activities they had planned for us all. The 11 year old girls did long jump. My longest jump was 3.69m. I raced hard at the last jump to see if I could improve on my last one. And eventually it worked! I had tried so hard that I bet my own score by only 3.69! I was so proud of myself when I won long jump. I have improved since last year! It was great fun at the athletics day and I hope to do it next year.

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  1. Great recount Anahera,
    I like how you described the weather at the start.
    Well done, it sounds like you put your best effort into it.
    What was your favourite activity?