Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Grandparents are important to me because they are always looking out and caring for me. My granny and granddad spoil me by taking me out on exciting trips around town and buying me lollies mum would never get me. My grandparents tell me funny stories about when my mum and dad were little. Also on Christmas, birthdays and whenever there is a special occasion my grandparents are there. For retired people my grandparents are really busy and so it means a lot to me when they come to visit. When the whole family is together, granddad will calm everyone down and get everything sorted. 

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  1. Wow, I think that your Grandparents would be really pleased to read how important they are to you Mia. You have managed to include not only the love and care that they bring and how they give you treats but also recognised that they share and enjoy their precious time with you even though they are busy people. Your Grandad sounds just fantastic to have around when the chaos of whole family get-togethers happens!

    I love the way that you have started your sentences in a variety of ways, making this interesting to read. You've included some good adjectives to help describe 'exciting trips' and 'funny stories' too.

    Sadly I no longer have any of my Grandparents alive but your post has helped me to remember how, yes, they did spoil me, giving me treats that NO WAY would my Mum or Dad have given me and I have remembered very special hugs with my Grandma's too. They seemed to love me enormously and would forgive me for anything!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely writing for the 100WC - I really enjoyed reading your post.