Tuesday, November 13, 2012

100 word challenge

My Grandparents are important because they love and and care for me. They
also let me stay at their house if my Mum and Dad are working. My
grandparents tell me stories from their past and they tell me about their
parents and things about my parents that I didn't know. My grandparents
spoil me, they give me lots of gifts even when its not my birthday or
Christmas. They just give me things because they enjoy it. They come with my
family on holiday. I can't imagine what it would be like if the didn't come
with us. That's why I love my grandparents.


  1. Hi Josh
    Your Grandparents sound really caring.
    Do you have a sweet tooth.

    1. Hello Josh your grandparents sound like they really spoil you.I like it when I get to go on holiday with my grandparents becaused it is really fun not that it is not fun anyway.All grandparents are special and I love my nan. When my mum is at work mu nan looks after me.But good hundred word challenge Josh.

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