Monday, February 13, 2012

Yet another chrysalis...

It was fantastic to get to school today and find the 'walk about caterpillar had returned to the plant and it went into a chrysalis at 5.45am.  I know the time because the recording showed it, but it was soooo dark in class then it is almost impossible to see the change.  All day we kept check on another caterpillar very well secured in a J, but it also shed its last skin and went into its chrysalis unseen at about 5 o'clock this afternoon.  I know this because as I came back into the class after a meeting I saw it still wobbling on the leaf!  I have kept the skin on the digital microscope for a close investigation tomorrow.

I was very impressed to see that the caterpillar still devouring leaves left enough around the chrysalis for it to stay secure.  Isn't nature AMAZING!

1 comment:

  1. The caterpillars are so cute,
    munching away at their leaves!
    - Michaela