Monday, February 27, 2012

A new arrival...

Room 6, St Mary's School, Mosgiel are very proud to announce the safe arrival of their baby girl butterfly, PRECIOUS, at 2.27pm on Monday the 27th of February.  All well. 

Within half an hour the wings were full of blood and she was flapping her wings and walking around the plant!

It wasn't long til we were able to tell that she was a girl butterfly, by the lack of black dot scent pouches on the wings. 

By the time I was leaving class she was flying around the room!  


  1. wondering what she weighed in at? How do you/can you weigh a butterfly????? Love your blog, Room 6... very special!

    1. Hi Ms Bee and the Neinsteins,
      Thank you for visiting our blog. We talked a lot today about 'weighing a butterfly'. We know that we could if we had scales that were sensitive enough, the only problem would be getting precious to hop on to be weighed. Precious had a great time in our class till 12 o'clock when whe flew round and landed on Laura. Laura walked outside and Precious stayed on her head for about 5 minutes before she flew up and away! We have four more chrysalises in class.
      Room 6 and Mrs K

  2. Congratulations on your butterfly. How amazing that it hatched while you were still at school so you could all see it.
    I am so impressed that you could tell it was a girl butterfly. When our butterfly emerges from its chrysalis can I take a photo of it and email it to you so you can tell Room 4 whether it is male or female?
    From Anna
    Room 4
    Hamilton East School

    1. Hi Anna, Yes we were very lucky to see 'Precious' arrive. She spent the morning with us then landed on Laura. We had a wonderful time outside with her til she flew off and away. We would love to tell you whether you have a girl or boy butterfly. We can all tell. The boy butterflies have a big back dot on the bottom of each lower wing. They are scent pouches. If you send us a photo of your butterfly we would love to help you with that.
      Mrs K and Room 6