Friday, February 3, 2012

Room 6 Highlights of week 1

We have had a MAGICAL week together...  We have sooooo many highlights!  Here are a few we would like to share:
Zack  - Funky Friday because we got to make whatever we wanted and use our imagination!
Billy - The feathers at the Rec because we learnt a lesson and it was fun!
Josh - I had loads of fun at Funky Friday because we could use our imagination lots! 
Laura - Fantastic Feather Fun because we learnt a good lesson from it!
Sam - I liked Funky Friday because we learnt how unique we are and use our imagination lots!
Callum - Our feathers because we learnt a good story, and it was fun.  When we went back today we found some of the feathers and we put one each in our book and on the prayer table!
Jake - I liked the first day because I got to see all my friends!
Janaya - I liked writing a letter to ourselves because we had to concentrate, and we had to only use pen!  NO pencils for Room 6!
Chelsea - I liked starting the year in Room 6 because Mrs K is teaching us again!
Brya - I like the start of the year because we get to see Mrs K for the whole year and some days we get to see Mrs D!
Thomas - I loved the scavenger hunt because we got to find where everything is in the class!
Bridget - Funky Friday because we using straws we got to come up with anything and use our imagination!
Anahera - I liked Funky Friday because we used our imaginations and we were creative!
Michaela - It is fantastic to have the swan plant in the classroom to watch the caterpillars growing!
Georgia - I enjoyed Funky Friday because all made different things and it was a lot of fun!
Mason - I liked funky Friday because we got to use our own imagination and be creative!
Lorie - I liked going to Room 1 and see all their faces and see how they've grown up during the holidays!
Kurt - I like being back in the class with Mrs K!
Ryan - I liked when we did the scavenger hunt because it was hard work!
Ciara - Making the straw creations on Funky Friday because I got to experiment with the straws and do different things.  We made the key to the end of the universe and a lock!
Zara - I liked the scavenger hunt because it was a challenge and we got to find where everything was in the classroom!
Jack - I enjoyed Funky Friday becuase Thomas and I made a plane and I reckon it actually might fly!
Mrs K - My highlight is being back in class with AMAZING, INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE learners in Room 6

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