Monday, February 27, 2012

PICK - Good fit books

On the 27th of February Mrs. K brought in some shoes. She put a shoe on and asked if it was a good fit. It was a high heel shoe and we said it was a good fit but you can only wear it when you go out, not for a walk. Mrs K tried on six or seven different shoes. Some were her sons and she put on her slippers. Some shoes were too big, too small and the slipper had a hole in the toe. The lesson was make sure that the book you pick is a good fit. Some things we decided were the book is the topic you like, you must know most of the words and the book has to interest you. Some of us think the book should be a challenge for you.  We are going to take a lot more care when we PICK good fit books now!


  1. That sounds really funny. Did you enjoy watching your teacher trying on all those shoes?

  2. I loved the perfect fit lesson. It was funny how she tried on her sons shoes.