Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our new class members...

We have a swan plant and Mrs K. thought we had 3 caterpillars, but we have now found 5.  We love watching them munch and crunch!  They are destroying the swan plant already!  I think we will have a 'Monarch emergency' on our hands!


  1. great story i cant wait until they are bigger and grow more


  2. our new freinds are awesome

    Thanks mrs K

  3. Hi! Room 6,
    Our class also has two swan plants. We don't have any caterpillars yet though. I can't wait to see an update on your caterpillars in another week or 2. Do you have any hints on what we could do to get some caterpillars for our plants?
    From Anna and Room 4
    Hamilton East School

  4. Hi Room 6,
    The caterpillars are great. I loved it when we had some when I was teaching in Palmy. I managed to catch one shedding it's outer layer revealing the chrysalis underneath. We got some of it on video but not all of it. Do you think you might be able to video the whole process? It would be great to watch.
    Miss. Leakey

  5. Its so cool to have caterpillars again.


  6. We really have six because I counted today. It so exciting


  7. Erin Sadler & Charlie NeedhamFebruary 8, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    We really liked your new class member and we really wanted to have a class pet as well.

  8. It is awesome to have the cute little caterpillars
    in the classroom to learn more about their life cycle.