Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fly free 'Precious'

Today Precious was very calm on the swan plant until midday.  Then she flew around the room and landed on the carpet.  She finally settled on Laura and even when Laura walked outside Precious stayed with us for quite a while.  We loved the chance to see her up real close.  Our Room 1 buddies came and saw her before she flew away.  Josh noticed that the body of the butterfly is similar to the body of the caterpillar.  We are still amazed at the miracle of the transformation.  


  1. I was afriad of butterflies until Precious landed on me. When Precious was flying around the room I said to Janaya " I hope Precious doesnt land on me". It turns out she did.

    Laura :)

  2. hi its Lorie
    my favourite picture was the last one.
    I liked watching the butterfly go i was happy and also sad at the same time.

  3. We really enjoyed looking at the photos of your butterfly. It must have been very exciting watching them change and then fly off.

  4. Love these photos, especially the Room 1 children looking so fascinated! Thank you for sharing this experience :)

  5. She was so Cute! It was amazing to be able to watch her from a caterpillar to butterfly!

  6. I didn't know you were afraid Laura. Aren't we lucky she chose you! How you know you are not scared. She stayed with you for a very long time!