Monday, February 13, 2012

Our class


In our class we have fourteen boys and thirteen girls. We are year fives and sixes. We use our imaginations. We have six year fives and the rest are year sixes. We help each other and we work together as a team. Our class works peacefully and we help each other like if someone got stuck on an equation someone would come and help them. We listen to each other and we also respect and care for one another. Our class loves to play with each one another.
By Anahera 


  1. Hello Anahera!
    Your class sounds a little bit like ours except that we only have 15 students! In the mornings we are joined by some year 4s too which takes our numbers up to 20.
    I'm really impressed with the values that you hold. Your class sounds like a place where everyone can learn together. I'm sure that because you all respect each other, you have a lot of fun too!
    Mrs Radd :)

  2. Anhera i liked your story.Janaya

  3. Hi Anahera,
    Fantastic story!
    Our class is really awesome. And Mrs K. makes work fun
    and easy for us all.