Friday, February 24, 2012

My Avatar

My avatar’s name is the Rein-fro-guin-monarch butterfly. She lives in the jungle on the edge of a cliff. Her friends are the Bis-pol-at-tiger, who belongs to Anahera.  The Bis-pol-at-tiger lives in the forest, which is down the road. They meet up in the forest for a feast every Tuesday. They eat grass, meat and leaves. Her antlers fall off in the spring and summer. Don’t worry they grow back. She lays eggs in the winter. When I whistle she flies straight to me, which is in New Zealand. She lives in Australia. She climbs trees with her giant tree frog arms. She is half penguin and part monarch butterfly. I think she is the best creature in the world apart from a unicorn.


  1. Hi Laura!
    I like your avatar. I'm very impressed by the way you have explained all its different parts and even where it lives and how it moves!
    Keep being creative!
    Mrs R :)

    1. Hi Mrs R!
      I love my avatar. I think it is so fun to make them. I enjoyed looking all the other avatar.
      I will keep being creative!
      Laura :)