Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Xtramath success!

I am delighted to see how many of you are practising on Xtramath.  The goal is to practise your basic facts everyday.  I wonder if it comes as any surprise that the student who has put in the most practise is celebrating the most success!  Congratulations Josh.  We are very proud of you Josh.  You are really living our school vision! 


  1. I think the extra math is great for the kids. Good job.
    Lorie's Mum

  2. Hi room 6 and Mrs K, I am very happy with the xtra math wesite as it gives us an update at home to see the progress Janaya is making as well as giving us a friendly reminder if we have missed a few days! Love it! Lee-Ann (p.s have a great week)

    1. Thanks Lee-Ann,
      I think it is a magic programme too! I have it set up for class learning as well as home so hoping to see great progress. Thanks for your support of our blog - we really appreciate it!
      Mrs K