Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caterpillar adventures...

Our caterpillars have been eating and pooping sooooo much.  They have grown soooo much and one is already in its crysalis.  When I was leaving school on Friday night I noticed that the biggest caterpillar was going walkabout.  It was all the way up the cane in the pot to support the plant.

I guess it was looking for a place to spin and stick on to go into its crysalis.  I set up the digitaliser to record over the weekend so we could see it going into a chrysalis.
I went down to check tonight and was very surprised that the caterpillar was nowhere to be seen.  I really can't find it.  Maybe it has crawled away to set up - just like the one that settled on the roof in Room 4 a couple of years ago.  I hope we can find it on Monday!
I set the camera recording again, so maybe we will see one of the others go into its chrysalis.  It really is hard to believe how quickly they grow.

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