Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our identity...

We are thinking about our identity at the moment... With the help of James Nottingham we are discussing what it means to be me!
As part of sharing our identity, we decided to make identity records!  We are sharing our life story through photos of our life to date.  It sure did take ages to scan in and print out all our photos but I am sure you can see it was well worth it.  We are sharing them on an LP.  Later we are attaching a CD to the LP to share our language and our culture!  Sam said this is like the evolution of the LP to the CD!
We had such an awesome funky Friday displaying our life to date!  On the reverse of the record we are displaying our life as we see it through a wordle or a tagxedo!  Check out our progress to date!

As you can see, the cuttle bugs were in use again!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a terrific idea to share who you are! I absolutely love it. Mrs K - can I borrow your mind for a week or two please? :-0

  2. Hello there!
    I agree with Pam! This is a great idea - so creative. I think Funky Friday might have to be introduced in Class Three!

  3. I really enjoyed funkey friday.