Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shared Silence remembering one year on for Christchurch...

We gathered together for a minutes silence at 12.51pm on Wednesday!  It was a very moving time with complete silence and respect.  Jaylah shared a very special prayer and we remembered all the students and families who joined us from Christchurch last year.  We remember all who lost and suffer and continue to be challenged!  You are all in our thoughts and our prayers.  
We used our prayer journals to record our thoughts.  We will publish some of these next week.


  1. I understand completely why this was such a moving time for you all. My family has friends in Christchurch so it was an anxious time for us too. It is always good to see young people behaving with such thoughtfulness and dignity.

    1. We are continuing to pray for the people in Christchurch! We have shared some prayers here on the blog.