Friday, November 16, 2012

Zaras P.L.E

I learn online on the computer and my iPod. I use chrome and google. The apps that I use are impossible test and Evernote. TV helps me when I watch man vs. wild. He always has something interesting to say.


  1. HI Zara! My name is Danielle and I live in England! I go to Athersley South Primary School. Please can you visit my schools blog which is: I am 10 years old, in year 6 and am in class 9! Our topic is volcanos... Please watch the video's! Bye!! :)

  2. Great poster Zara,
    I like how you have included apps that you learn on too. I agree, Bear Grylls always has something new and interesting to say.

  3. Hi Zara

    great poster I like how you have put lots of different ways you learn. Do you have a favouite way to learn.

    1. My favourite way to learn is probably on a screen of some sort .