Monday, November 19, 2012

How wet is too wet?

Today Room 6 went for a walk around Mosgiel to see how much damage the rain had
done to the streets and shops. Most of the shops had dehumidifiers in them
getting all the moisture so the shops would be dry. We went inside some of
them and they smelt really weird. There were wood chips and dirt all over
the road and streets from the water pushing it there. Also we went to
Zack's mum's cafe (blend expresso) and looked at what the rain had done
there. Around the walls out the back had a line across the walls where the
water had got to but they are cleaning it up now. The whole purpose of this
was to see How wet is to wet? Well the dehumidifiers explained a lot and
signs outside shops said they were part time closed due to the rain.  Also
the dirt and wood chips, that's how wet it was.    

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  1. Hi Billy

    It was really wet in the weekend wasn't it. I really like your story.