Friday, November 9, 2012

School move progress

Today we walked over to the new school site again.  The differences were HUGE from the last time we went down.  I can't wait until all of the classrooms are over at the site and ready for the new year.  We saw where the courts are going to be and the frames of the classrooms.  I wonder if they will ever move the school again to a different site.  We are going to put a time capsule under the school and leave one where the school is at the moment.  We brainstormed at whanau time and came up with lots of ideas of what we could put in it.  We thought of things like pencils, rubbers, stationery, photos of computers. latpops and ipads, the school crest.  It is very exciting knowing that in around 100 years time someone will dig up our time capsule and know so much about the past.

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