Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My grandparents...

My Grandparents are important because they're part of our family and they will love me forever. Time spent with Grandparents is precious because two of them live in Melbourne. They take me shopping and spoil me rotten while at it! They turn up to special celebrations and celebrate with us. Maybe they’ll take me out to the beach or somewhere different. My Nan teaches me to bake delicious cakes or slices. Sometimes it goes wrong though.  My Nanny teaches me funny Australian sayings; my Granddad teaches me to do crosswords and sudokus in the daily newspapers. I am extremely lucky to have amazing Grandparents. 


  1. Hi Zara
    You are very lucky with your Grandparents.
    It is sad that you can not see your Grandparents as much!
    What do you enjoy the most when you do see your Granparents?

    1. What I enjoy the most when I see my Grnadparents is probabky going to the Zoo. BUt it's always nice to have a family reunion with the Ausssie family.

  2. Well done, Zara. Lovely thoughts about your grandparents. It sounds like you do some of the same things in Oz as we do in England, although the beaches are probably more appealing where you are?!
    Your sentences and use of language are great. I expect you are used to using paragraphs although you've, perhaps, overlooked them this time?

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Zara great story.
    Your 100WC is awesome I really like how you said all the things that your nanny teachs you.


  4. Lucky lucky lucky. How do you get them to spoil you rotten!? Mine only spoil me at my birthday or christmas. Your to lucky.