Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My grandparents are very important because...

My grandparents are very important because they treat me with care and compassion. My grandparents are the best in the world! They take me on vacations out of the country and they also treat me how I'd love to be treated, with sweets, lollies, goodies and much much more! They share stories from their past and tell us about when our parents were kids and how the grew up. Our grandparents will always treasure us with tender love and will love us for life. Grandparents can also be very talented like my grandparents. They are builders and love to build lots of different types of vehicles.


  1. How lovely that you have such amazing grandparents. You must feel very lucky. You used some great words there - like compassion. Do you also help them when they are building vehicles? That must be quite exciting to watch and, who knows, it may lead to a future career as well.

  2. hi Anahera

    great story you are luckey to have such great grandparents. Whats one of your best memories whith your grandparents.