Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sports Exchange - Oamaru


Early Morning:
Finally the big day has come. Today is the sports exchange for room 7 at my school and an Oamaru school. It is 6:10 early morning and I am getting ready for the sports exchange. I am playing netball in my team. I have had breakfast and I am at the school waiting for everyone to come. We have got into two vans and a car and I am in the car with Anahera, Josh, Max and Tyrin. We are all ready for the hour and a half trip to Oamaru. My car group are listening to music and the boys are singing along loudly. Now that was so funny.We are all very excited to get out there and play basketball, rugby and my sport netball.

After the trip we found St Kevins school and we waited for the mini vans to arrive. When they arrived we got into the St Kevins sports hall and the boys got ready to play some basketball. The boys are really trying hard on the court and it was a really close game. In the end the boys lost 30:32 ,which is a really close game. After the first game the second team came on. Now this team is a mixed team with boys and girls but I didn't play. When the game started the rest of us were cheering loudly but sadly the cheering did not work and they lost 18:31. The boys are getting changed and getting ready to play rugby. Meanwhile the boys and the girls that did not play rugby are eating food and cheering at the sideline. The rugby game looked very fun and it was like the rugby you see the All Blacks play. After the game I did not know what the score was and who won but I don't think that matters. We are now going to St Joesphs school for the girls to play netball.

St Joesphs:
Us girls are warming up now and practicing shots. The game has started and the boys have started a chant but most of the St Joesphs kids had signs and were cheering loud. We were all trying our hardest. In the first half I play GOAL ATTACK and in the second GOAL KEEP. I tried my hardest at both positions. At goal attack I got one goal and at goal keep I got heaps of intercepts. We lost but we are still happy with our effort.

Coming back from Oamaru:
We are all very tired in our car and we just want to rest. Tyrin and I fell asleep for most of the ride and when we weren't asleep we were silent (apart from Max and Josh).

Oamaru was alot of fun and I learnt it is not about winnig, it is about what effort you put in it.


  1. Laura, what a fabulous write-up about your day. I was so excited to see you both after school. What a glorious day you got for the sports exchange. We missed you at school today! See you in the morning!
    Mrs K

  2. Great story Laura!
    I like the motto at the end: "I learnt that it is not about winning it is about the effort you put in"

    1. Thanks Michaela
      It was a really fun day but it looks like you had fun at school to with Jill and Gill