Monday, July 16, 2012

Billy's holiday

It was so fun having school holidays because on the first Wednesday I went to see my cousins at invercargill.
They had been looking forward to seeing us but it took so long to get there because I had to ride up on the intercity bus it took about three and a half hours because the bus was so slow.
When I finally arived at Invercargill I was picked up by my uncle and cousin tom with their dog and we walked home.
We did loads of fun and amazing stuff like going to blue cliffs and deer hunting, kid zone, swimming and played with there dog.
I really enjoy it but it was great coming home to see the rest of my family.


  1. Hi billy
    looks like you had a great time hope you had a great time


  2. hi billy did you have a great time

  3. Hi Billy sounds like fun hope you had a great time. was it cold or hot