Sunday, July 8, 2012

My theory on why the Bottle Bivy fell down.

Well there could be the possibility that Mrs K knocked it down so everyone would do some writing in the holidays. 


  1. What an awesome theory Zara. I wonder how we could find out who did it? I think it might have been the Taranaki earthquake. I know it wasn't the cleaner! I am hoping it wasn't a mouse.......

  2. I don't think Mrs K. would do that, she was so proud of it!
    Great theory though Zara!!!

  3. I think some one could of snook in and bashed
    it down with out us knowing, But i don't think she would of did that because she wanted to finish it so bad.

  4. I know that Mrs K wouldn't of delibretly knocked it down. I was just being a little bit out there!!!!!!