Monday, July 23, 2012

RIP Margaret Mahy

What a sad day - Margaret Mahy died today!
What is your favourite book? 
What could we do this week to celebrate this amazing author?


  1. Sad Margaret Mahy died. My favourt book was the lion in the medow.


  2. One of my favorite books is: The Spider in The Shower.Every time we go up and stay with my Aunty and Uncle, Leah (My cousin) always reads us The Spider In The Shower!
    My other favorite is: The Lion In The Meadow we have this book at home.
    I think that what we did today at School, making the posters and displaying the books, having the School gather and remember Margaret Mahy and reading the story Farmer Mc-Phee and the Moon, it was all an amazing way to remember this amazing New Zealand author!