Monday, July 16, 2012

I am a cat

I am a cat as keen as can be, I have green eyes that glow in the dark and I am black but I am not very good at catching mice or birds. My owner, Janaya, has a bunny and when she takes it out ot it's hutch I like to have a wee nap in the bunny's hay. When I have to get out I am not very happy because I am asleep in a deep dream. If I don't get fed I keep meowing until I get my way.

It is night time now and I am a little hungry, I think for a minute then I get a great idea-I should sneak out the cat door and try to catch a bird, if I don't I will try for a mouse. 

It is now morning and I didn't get a mouse or a bird, I will get one but I am tired now and want to head inside to my bean bag by the fire and catch up on my sleep. I get woken up by that silly bunny so I go back outside and see a bird eating the bread that Janaya has thrown onto the grass. I get down low on my four legs ready to pounce off the deck towards the bird but it sees me and flies away with the bread. I am not too happy so I go and have another nap in the bunny hutch.

It is afternoon now and I am going to get a bird! I see one up in a tree, I creep up the trunk and there it is, I stick my paw out and I get that bird after all, it is a good snack but I still want my Jellimeat. I go back inside with feathers around my mouth. Then Janaya finally gets me some Jellimeat and biscuits. I am still looking for that little mouse that hides behind the oven, I will try and get him tomorrow. 

It is my bedtime now so goodnight.


  1. Awesome work Janaya!
    I had so much fun writing these, what color cat are you? -Michaela

    1. I am black Cat and I am nice. Janaya