Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peered writing

Today Jill and Gill visited our class and taught us some skills for peer tutoring.  They modeled for us, then we had a go.
"At first I didn't really know what they were talking about but then I realised and it can be fun to write" said Kurt.
"We worked with partners and our partner had to tutor us, to help us make our story better and help us with the words" said Billy.
"We wrote in pairs, and came up with a subject.  We had to help each other with words we weren't sure of" said Jack.
"We were in pairs and we had to help each other with the spelling and the writing" said Georgia.
"We learnt six different ways to spell pear and their meanings: pear - the fruit; pair - two of something; peer - people your age, pare - to remove a layer; pier - a walkway on the water; Pierre - a name," said Michaela.
"Tutoring can be fun and helpful to people that need it" said Alex.


  1. This was very fun!
    And we learnt a lots too, I'm sure I'll use my sample space a lot more now. It's good to sound out a word when your not completely sure.

  2. Great lesson with jill today hopw we learn more tomorrow. Kaelen

  3. Doing peered writing with the Jills
    was really fun and can't wait until our next session