Monday, July 30, 2012

Counting down to London Olympics 2012

Today was an amazing day in class.  For Funky Friday time we prepared for the start of the London Olympics 2012.

Today room six made a wall which was to do with the Olympic Games. First it was a plane old wall but soon it wasn’t, because room six decided to decorate it with pictures of either people who are starring in the Olympic Games or words that describe it. This afternoon I bet it would be all filled up with more facts and pictures.     By Lorie
It was great to see the wall grow…
We are excited to follow the results!  Mason has started a page in the wiki to record results as they happen.  We have also downloaded the London Olympic Result apps onto our devices.


  1. The Olymipics is amazing. Did anyone watch the opening ceromony? I did it is spectacular. It was cool how they went through the history of London and their Olymipic journey. Go New Zealand for winning some of the rowing events.

  2. The Olympics are so cool. I love watching the different events. Think it's great that some of our people are winning and getting in semi finals


  3. I really like the Olympics I am really lokking forward to seeing how many medals NZ get.