Thursday, July 19, 2012

One day...

I went up to my owner Zara. I whined softly in her ear. She woke up. Well I think she did. She patted me vaguely and rolled over.

"Woof woof” Zara wakes up. She stumbles out of bed. "Here's your food "mumbles Zara. Yum! Left over roast. Absolutely delish. I scratch on the door wanting out. Zara wanders out of the lounge to the door. ‘CREAK’ I’m out.

Mid Morn-
Zara and I are on a walk around the park. My head turns; I sniff ‘DUCKYS’ I think to myself. Yay! What fun. I am off my leash. A big SPLASH. I’m in. The ducks flap their wings furiously quacking their little heads off. “Oh Dawn “sighs Zara. She heaves me out. I shake the water off my fur violently. It goes everywhere. Luckily Zara is in a good mood because she just spotted her friend.

“Hi" says Zara cheerily. “ Hey there gal you’re a bit wet eh aren’t you? “Replies Mae “You bet “says Zara. I sniff at this new dog. She is a golden lab. I am a golden retriever. When we get to our eating place (Banks Peninsula) all I can smell is food. I can mainly smell chicken. ‘Sniff sniff ‘Yum. My tummy turns upside-down just thinking about the chicken sandwiches. My mouth drools. I need a chicken ... anything. Zara is talking to Mae; Mae’s dog is chasing the ducks. I can go. My head turns to check one more time and I’m off. A man wearing a bright T-shirt and shorts had one of the most ginormous sandwiches in the world. (Of course they were chicken) My time was now, he was about to take a bite. I leap into the air, knocking the man down as I go but getting the sandwich. I run away from the man and quickly wolf down the food before anyone can take it away from me.

Mid afternoon –
Zara is apologizing to the man in the bright T-shirt and I have been scolded. I don’t know why though because the man in the bright T-shirt thought it was funny! Zara actually told me quietly that she wasn’t that annoyed with me. She said she laughed loudly. She just wanted to look responsible. We go to Oak Wood. Butterflies are flying everywhere. Me and Mae’s dog ( Annie ) stare at them intensely. WE can’t contain our excitement anymore. We jump up and try to get the butterflies. No luck though, they are too quick and fast for us. We give up in the end.

Evening –
We were supposed to have a quiet evening tonight but it didn’t quite turn out the way we had planned. Mae came over for tea and then some new person moved in next door and was making a humongous racket. (They were obviously having a huge party, we heard the clinking of bottles) I nuzzle under my soft blankets. I close my eyes and go to sleep...


  1. Awesome story Zara!
    I love how you make the reader think that you are the dog! It is an amazing Story.

  2. Dear Zara

    I love the way you told your story from the dog’s point of view. I was really interested in what would happen next, maybe you could add a bit more descriptive language into your story?
    My favourite part was midday because it was really funny when the dog got the sandwich, my dog wouldn’t dream of doing that!
    Keep up the good work,

    From your blogging friend
    Briney, Room 24