Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Georgia's story

In the holidays we when to Naseby.  We stayed with my nanny. We went skating and on the luge and to the snow park.  It was hard on the luge because we had to steer the opposite way to what you are going.  You had to lean towards the wall. We also went skiing in Tekapo at Round Hill. It was my first time. I went skiing with two of my uncles, my aunty and my dad.  It was lots of fun.


  1. Yay Georgia,
    Great to see your story Georgia. What an awesome winter wonderland holiday you had. What is your favourite winter activity out of skating, luging or skiing?
    Mrs K

  2. Wow georgia sounds like you had a pretty cool holiday


  3. Awesome Georgia!
    Sounds like great fun.
    Was it the first time that you have done all of those winter activities?