Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reading on the I-pads!

Today in reading stamina Room 6 students were not only reading from books but from I-pads. On my I-pad I have my favorite series: Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene. The one I am reading now is the MYSTERY OF SHADOW RANCH. It is very fun to read on devices and easy too. I think that all children learning with I-pads should have at least 2-3 books, and sometimes they even read it out to you so you can follow along. In between the chapters in my book you can earn icon’s called “collectables” then once you have earned them all you get to play a mission to unlock another book but you can only get the next book once you’ve found ALL of the collectables and unlocked every end chapter. It is fantastic to be able to read on I-pads and I recommend them for everyone who owns an I-pad. 

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