Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cricket holiday programme...

On the first week of the holidays: Monday and Tuesday. I attended I cricket holiday program.

That meant waking at 7:00am, while Mum and James slept in :( and putting up with 19 other boys for 7 WHOLE HOURS!

But at the end of the day I had learnt a lot as well as had fun. My team: Xavier, Reuben, Oscar, Kyle and I won the championship test match against the other 3 teams we were given the name: West Indies the others teams had names like: New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Southland.

Kyle and I were the two to win a scholarship to see the Volts and Strikers play and get a free coaching session from the Volts Cricket team. The Strikers represent Otago and is a Women's team. My bowling time was: 74kmph, it was the fastest time and only two children got that speed. Another boy and I. The program was a lot of fun although I only knew three people: Sam, Steve and Mark.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Michaela! What a wonderful time you have had. You are a very talented cricketer! Is it your favourite sport? How do you feel being the only girl lots of the time? Did you take any photos while you were at the cricket holiday programme?
    Mrs k

  2. Well done and i hope you had a great time at camp

  3. Did you learn anymore cricket skills and was it hard.


  4. What was your favourte part. Did you have a great time. Georgia.