Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kapa haka

Today the St Mary’s Kapa Haka group walked down to the library. We sung Ka Waiati, Haere mai, Te Waka and many more. Singing was really fun! I felt very nervous when we first got up but when we started the butterflies in my stomach flew away.

Later on we performed in front of the school. It was very scary when we all went on stage but then when we started to sing I wasn’t any more. After we had sung all of the songs we got some feed back from the audience. They said that we were very loud and clear.

Our costumes will be coming in three weeks. The boys are wearing a piupiu and a green stone necklace and the girls are wearing a blue dress with korus on it and a green stone necklace as well. We enjoyed performing on stage and at the library in front of an audience.

By Anahera and Michaela.  


  1. Hi Anahera and Michaela
    Awesome story.
    You had a brillant preformence to the school.
    Tell me about your dance it sounds exciting.
    What is your favourite song.


  2. Hi Anahera and Micheala
    I really like your story and the picture beside it.
    Are you going to do any more preformances?
    Mia :)

    1. Yes throughout the year we will perform more, I can't wait until the costumes are ready!

  3. My favorite song is Te Waka.
    Thanks for the comment Bridget!
    We have got some simple dance moves but we are working on them.
    -Michaela :)