Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paired Writing

We had another paired writing session today.  We are learning soooo much about the role of the tutor and the role of the tutee!  Can you see how focused we are on our writing?  What comments can you make about what is going on in these photos?


  1. I didn't have a go at this because my partner was at guitar but I was walking around having a look at what they were doing.
    Who found this challenging?

    1. I found it challenging, but it was also really fun!
      I can see lots of learning, teaching and EXCITEMENT!

  2. I really liked doing this activity because we could write anything


  3. It was really fun doing peer writing because you got to help your partner if they got stuck - Ciara

    I am glad that you are learning all different sorts of writing types so you can use them in the future - Bridget Lawlor

  4. It was lots of fun doing Paired Writing was realy fun beacause we got to help eath other. Georgia.