Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun with vowel sounds....

This afternoon we had a learning with words session with Jill.  We looked at vowel cards and had a whole lot of fun making words.  It was very interesting to isolate the vowel sounds… We learnt a whole lot about the sounds in the words…

 We worked with the long a vowel sound.  We used journal stories to be detectives to search for words with the long a vowel sound.  It was really challenging.  We kept finding words with a in them, but when we said the word the a did not make the long a sound. 
Check out all the different sounds spellings we found for the long a sound.

We came up with two very important messages!  Stop looking for letters... Start listening for sounds...
 We hear sounds.  We write letters.
Mrs K.  has made a google doc for us to add to!  I wonder how many letters we can add tonight in the correct columns?

What was a success today?

What was a challenge?

What do we need to do more of?

1 comment:

  1. This was so much fun!
    My success was learning that so many different letters could together make the same sound.
    My challenge was finding words that actually sounded like they had an A sound in them.
    I think we need to do more of learning with words, because it helps us with our spelling, writing, vocabulary and sounding out. -Michaela