Friday, November 9, 2012

Thomas athletics

On Thursday we had athletics day. First was the 800 metres but I didn't
run. Then we got split into our age groups. I was in the 11 year old group
and we did high jump first. I got a 2 and when you landed on the bar it
really hurt. After that we went to 75 metre sprints. In my first race I
came third. Some people were faster than they looked and could be quite a
challenge.  I got a 2. We went to shot put and I got a 2. We went to
long jump and I was a couple of centimeters away from the two line but on
my second go I got to the two line. I got a 2. We had lunch after that.
After lunch we went to the 100 metre sprints. I came third in my heat and
I got to the semi finals and I came second last and I got another 2. Then
we went to discus and I got a 1. And that was the last event for us.

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