Friday, November 9, 2012

Perspective artwork!

With Mrs Dykes we made perspective art work. We drew buildings and trees that get smaller so it looks like you are looking down a road. Then we drew a road going down the middle of the page so that it looks like a city road and buildings. We drew a sunset to finish it off. After the drawing we used water paints to paint it and they look so stunning.

I like how I painted my buildings light on the front and dark on the side because they stand out more and look more three-dimensional.  I like the road, starting bigger and getting smaller in the distance. 


  1. Thank you Mrs Dykes for doing the cool art we have did.

  2. Cool picture Kaelen. I really like the trees and the back ground.

  3. hi Kaelen, Laura

    I really like both your art work.
    I like yours Laura because there is cool coulors
    and it looks 3D.
    By Aaliyah

  4. Your paintings look absolutely stunning, Kaelen and Laura. You really listened and applied your artistic skills beautifully. Well done.
    Mrs D