Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Chocolate Cadburys Ever made

Dad came home in a rush to tell us bad news. He came in the door and explained that because he got promoted in his job at Cadburys he got the last piece of chocolate ever made from CadburysL.  We’re so devastated that it had happened but glad the Richard’s family got the last piece on earth. Now it was the hard part we had to decide who gets the little piece or cut into five small pieces. We decided to cut but not everyone is home so I try sneak it in my mouth so no-one suspects me. 


  1. It would suck if cadburys never made chocolate again but unlike the main character in your story i'd try pop it in my mouth when the rest of the family is watching because I'd love to see their faces!

  2. Hi Ciara
    What a disaster - no more Cadbury's chocolate! I feel a bit sorry for Dad; he has great news about his promotion but it would be completely ignored if he had to tell the family that there was to be no more chocolate! I wonder what his new job will be? Is there going to be an even more amazing product?
    Ms Breyley, Burravoe School, Shetland Islands

  3. Hello Ciara,

    New Zealand is out of Cadbury chocolate and now the world only has pne last piece? Cadbury chocolates are personal favourites of mine, although I also like New Zealand's Whittaker's Peanut Bar. I could survive as long as Whittakers was still being made. :)

    It is a little sneaky trying to secretly slip a small piece of chocolate in your mouth without being seen. Chocolate can be very tempting. :)

    Have you taken the opportunity to visit the entries of students from other schools? It is interesting to see how others have approached the prompt. Don’t forget to leave them a comment if you do visit. :)

    I hope you keep entering the 100WC.

    @RossMannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia