Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tomorrow we are going to take part in the first ever #kidsedchatnz on Twitter.  
The focus will be on Connected learners.
Check out the following questions to start focusing our thinking.
I can't believe how well this fits in with our 'Communication online' evening.
I wonder who will be first to reflect on the wiki or respond to these questions on the blog or email?

Question 1: What is a connected learner / What does being a connect learner mean?
Question 2: How can you become connected learners?
Question 3: What tools do you need to be connected learners?
Question 4: How can teachers help you become connected learners? 

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  1. A connected learner is a Child/Adult who is learning all the time at school or home
    Being a connected learner means you work at home and school'

    To become a connected learner you need to work very hard and work at home and school

    You need your brain a book and a pen to become a connected learner

    Teachers can help by working with us and helping us