Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How wet is too wet?

Today Room 6 went for a walk up the main street. We were looking for
evidence of what the heavy rain did to the street. We put on our vests and
hats and went to the back crossing. We walked straight down the road. We
stopped at a clothing shop. In the window was a machine that was absorbing
the moisture and spitting it out through the tube. We took lots of photos
of this wonderful machine. We kept on traveling down the road to see signs
of the flooding. The drains were blocked on Sunday so the rain made the
gutters flood. There were also heaters in the real estate building. They
were drying the carpet and it was hot in the building. The smell was
really strong. There was quite a lot of building that had water in them.
As Room 6 says "How wet is to wet?"

1 comment:

  1. Great Recount Laura,
    I think it was too wet!
    Do you know what the machines that absorbed the moisture were called?