Friday, November 9, 2012

Gracin Athletics

On Thursday we went to the athletics day. We started off doing the long
distance run. I was in it.  It was 800 meters and the younger kids had to run
400 meters. When we started I had a bad start and slipped. then the race
was really on.  When we got to Mrs K we all went into the inside ring and
then people started getting well ahead of most of us. At the finish I gave
it all I had and passed Sam and Kaelen. I was so wobbly at the end of the
race. I was so happy that the race was over and I was proud of myself at
the end. After that event we went to the shot put and I got a 1. I wasn't
too proud of that effort. Then we went to long jump and I got a 2 whoo hoo.
I tried my hardest on the run up and then bulleted off with such power that
I made it into the 2s. Then I went to the sprints and had to sit down and
wait for the other group to finish.  Soon after that we started our own
races and I came first in my first race and then second in the semi final
then had to sit down with the others. We were all cheering for Thor to win.  He had a
bad start but then he kicked in and passed everyone and into first place.  We were
all congratulating him on his victory. After the 75 metre sprints we went
to the discus. Finally I think I am at something that I always do good at.
When it is my turn to go I hear Josh in the crowd saying good luck Gracin.
I give it my best and get in the 2s. And then the best throws from the 2
and the 3 section get to throw again.
I throw mine and get it so close to the 3 point mark the man said I was
nearly there. When we got to the 60 meters I didn't do very good well. I
came third in my first race and have to sit out. I'm pretty disappointed about
that but Thor and James are still racing. I'm yelling out go go go. Thor
comes first and makes our school proud in every race to me. When we get to
high jump most of us clear the first one.  When we get to the last one, it was 1.5 meters high. That was our last event I am very proud.

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