Monday, November 19, 2012

Bridget's How Wet?

How Wet?

Today room 6 went for a walk down the main street to look at what was over
the top with water. Down the main street we saw dehumidifiers in lots of
shops because of the flood of water. What happened was in the gutter there
were all these leaves and they stopped the water from getting away so
the water went over and caused floods in shops. On Sunday when I went to
church we saw the mess on the streets and in the shops. I enjoyed the walk
because I got to see up close what happened. In one shop their was a
terrible smell because of the wet wool. The wool got wet and it didn't smell nice
at all but we were all used to it because when we made the bottle bivy all
the rotten milk stunk. So how wet is too wet? Well this weekend sure was


  1. hi Bridget
    man dont you think it rain alot in the weekeds especially on saturday dont you think

  2. Hi Bridget
    I hope the DCC make the storm water pipes are made bigger