Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bridget's 100wc

Grandparents are important because they are part of our family and they
are great people. I remember doing lots with my Grandparents because every
time is an awesome one. Favourite memories with my Grandparents would have
to be staying with them and having a stay there on my own because we get
spoiled and we get to stay up later with them. It is sad when Grandparents
go on trips away or pass away because you really miss them. Both of those
two things happen to me lots like my Gran and Grandy always go away and my
Grandma and Grandad have both died.


  1. I enjoyed your awesome story bridget.
    I love how you told us how important grandparents are.


  2. It sounds like you have some lovely memories of spending time with your grandparents Bridget, and so nice to share that on the 100WC. I hope to see you write again.