Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A fight to the end!

A fight to the end! The last caramello chocolate is in the hands of the wrong person!  A delicious never ending chocolate is almost gone. I sprint to the lasting chocolate as the enemy awaits at the golden metal throne. He clashes his sword at me like a knife as I duck under him, as quick as a bullet I swift over him like a super hero! He dives for the chocolate as I rush and snatch it off the table, swinging his sword at me like I’m his victim? A fight to the finish. What will happen after this?


  1. Hi Anahera
    That story is very adventurous and heroic
    What will happen after that.

  2. Hi Anahera
    I lovbed your story very creative and lots of ajectives.
    I Like when you said like a suprer hero flying over him.
    I really want to know what will happen next will he get revenge and get it back or will you of eaten it all ready?

  3. Hi ANahera
    Your story keeps anyone on the edge of there seat waiting to see what happens!
    What does happen?
    Do you get the chocolate or does the enemy?

  4. hi Anaheara
    great story i really like the way that you used lots of great expression.