Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A whole lot of questions....

What is it?
Where is it from?
What will be inside it?
How long has it been like this?
What was it in?
What colour is it?
What colour was it?
What happened to it?

If you enjoy this guessing game - check back soon for more updates and challenges!


  1. WOW Josh it looks like it has been hid some where for a long time. Kaelen

  2. Looks like a really old banana... mabey

  3. Its kind of gross. But interesting. I wonder how it went that colour?

  4. It looks like a banana and rhubarb - dried

  5. This is amazing, I wonder what it looks like on the inside!
    Q.No.1 A Banana
    2 Your house?
    3 Rotten Banana
    4 Couple of months?
    5 Pantry?
    6 Black brown
    7 Was it Yellow/Black/Brown?
    8 It was left too long in the cupboard? Or where you keep the fruit?