Monday, June 25, 2012

Speech competition

Year 6, 7 and 8 are in for a chance to get into the final three.
We all had to write speeches. Year 6 and 7 had to write two  minute speeches. Year 8, three minutes.  There was a variety of different topics. Every speech was different and interesting.  First you had to get into the top six. Then it was judged by Mrs Dykes, Mrs Baines and Mr Brosnahan. You also had an audience. Room 6 and room 7. After break we got the news who got in and who was out. Josh, Callum and I got to represent year six, St Mary’s . It is on this Wednesday at 7:00 in St Mary’s hall.  If you win you get the Haddon Shield which is a great honor for your school. I am very nervous and hope to do well!


  1. Hey Zara,
    I enjoyed reading your speech.Are you nervous about sharing your speech too outram school.

  2. Hi Zara

    I was very surprised when I heard I was through to reprosent our school at the haddon shield. Were you ?


    1. So was I Callum! BY the way, Well DOne in coming 2nd!

  3. Hello Zara,
    I wish you luck for tonight hope that you are very proud of yourself and are a confident speaker tonight. Your speech is FANTASTIC!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!