Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sams Animal Inquiry

New Zealand Pests
Hedgehogs are pests because they eat birds eggs
Weasels eat things bigger than themselves
The weasels crack the egg and put their head in
Wild cats are pests because they eat native birds and skinks
Rats are pests because they eat bats
The brushtail possum is the most caught possum in New Zealand
Possums eat buds, flowers, fruits, ferns, bark, fungi, native birds, eggs, land snails and animals without backbones
Ferrets eat rabbits and Hares
Ferrets mate at October and have a litter between 4-8 babies
Weasels eat birds, eegs lizards, and insects
The Norway rat is the biggest rat in New Zealand
Hedgehogs are pests because they eat chicks and eggs
Hedgehogs also eat skinks and lizards to
Ferel dogs because they sometimes eat our native birds
Rainbow lorikeets are pests because they compete with other birds for nests and carry diseases
Tahr eat plants so much the plants die
Rainbow skinks are pests because they take over other skinks homes
Did you know deer are pests because they eat our native plants
Goats do the same thing as deer eat eat eat


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    you have found that much of your animal inquiry.