Monday, June 25, 2012

Cross Country

On Friday the 22nd of June the whole, entire school had cross country. We had the seniors first then the year 1’s. I thought it would be hard for the very little ones that have just stared because they would not have had as much training as the rest of us.  We had been training since the start of term 2 so we have all had millions of times practicing what we had to do. Next was the year 2s.  It was the girls first because we went girls first and then the boys. We then had the year 3s. The year 3s did very well, just like everyone because everyone tried their best. We then had the year 4s. They did an awesome job like everyone else. You could tell that people tried very hard because when they came to the finish line their faces were very red and the children were puffing hard out. It was then time for the year 5s. I was in the year 5 girls race and I came 1st. I was very proud of myself. It was then time for the year 6s. I was cheering for all my classmates because I couldn’t choose which one to cheer for. After the year 6s it was all over. My opinion is that everyone did a brilliant job even if they did not come a place so well done to everyone who participated!!!


  1. Im really impressed on how well everybody ran it was amazing i wonder do we all make it to the taire beach cross country.


  2. We all look like we needed to go home to bed. Kaelen

  3. The cross country was so much fun.
    great story Bridget well done.\


  4. I like your story Bridget! The cross country was really puffing!

    From Anahera

  5. All of us look puffed.Janaya

  6. I wonder what it will be like at taieri beach.


  7. Well done Bridget I love your story!
    Cross Country was heaps of fun I had a great time!

  8. The cross country was very fun but exusting

  9. That was my funnest cross country. I was very puffed at the end though.


  10. Very exhausting for everyone!!!!!...... But it was fun.
    It was great to have people encouraging you as you ran past.
    Great story Bridget!